How it's made?
The Build, Material, and Paint process.......below we will explain the processes we go through to build each and every custom, handmade wrought iron gate, railing etc.
Once we have your design ideas and dimensions. The material is cut to size. Gate frame mitres are beveled before the welding process. This enables three things. (1)-It permits the molten weld material to fill the void entirely. (2)- It allows us to grind the surface smooth for a smooth appearance.(3)- Leaving the joint welded strong. The gate design pieces are made using various methods (cutting, heating, shaping, bending, grinding, notching, and punching) then are ready for welding. They are then laid out, tacked in place to create the chosen design.  Checking that the design and frame is square, the project piece is then welded together. Any welding splatter is removed. Most welds are then ground to a smooth finish. Some welds are not ground, this retains the molten metal of the weld in place where higher stress areas are present, such as gate hinges, corners, arches etc. Depending on the complexity or size of the project, fabrication times can vary from a few days, to a week or even a month or more.   

How we protect, what we make?
Rust and corrosion are a concern for all wrought iron products. We use a four (4) part treatment process to protect the surface from the elements.
First process, involves a spray wash using an acid chemical to remove any light scale, grime, dirt, oil or grease from the surfaces.
Second process, involves sandblasting all surfaces which creates a rough etched surface to allow proper adhesion for the first coating layer.
Third process, a spray-on application of a zinc-alkaline solution is applied.  It is then baked on to form a protective hard coating to help combat rust and corrosion.
Fourth and last step, is the colour application, or powder coat as it’s referred to. This process provides an extra durable hard protective coating to the surface. This electrically charged spray-on coating bonds to the zinc-alkaline coated metal surface. It is then baked, leaving a very hard, virtually chip resistant surface.
In summery….. your newly custom made and painted wrought iron project is now done. From raw un- cut materials to the finished product. It was subjected a significant amount of hands on time to complete the finished product. We hope our explanation has helped or enlightened to you in understanding what goes into making a solid wrought iron product.  

Why is something "CUSTOM MADE", always higher in price?
When something is "CUSTOM MADE or HANDMADE", there usually is a higher price tag, and here's why.......
Custom is usually a "one off" design or idea that is not readily available, can’t be found or just doesn’t exist.  Another factor is, it is usually "HAND MADE", whether by design, size, colour, measurement, materials or the area in which the product is made to fit. Or, if it (the project or product) is in anyway different from what is available or no longer available. It will generally have the "CUSTOM MADE" label attached to it.

I am always asked, will It rust?

When bare steel becomes exposed to the outside atmospheric conditions, e.g. humidity, rain, snow, wind frost etc. They are not compatible.  Lets also not forget, man made occurrence's, such as road salt spray, flying rocks from vehicles, hit with the twine from a weed whacker, or the accidental hit from a snow shovel etc. Unfortunately the answer is  "Yes".  Your new wrought iron product will eventually start to show signs of corrosion over time. The actual timeline for when it will occur is unknown. Our powder coating companies are continually striving to improve their coating processes. Making sure to evenly and thoroughly cover all exposed surfaces to help slow down the eventual corrosion process. We always suggest having a look at your railings or gates after the winter. A yearly railing or gate inspection by the homeowner can usually catch a trouble spot before it gets too bad. A good quality rust paint, Krylon or beauti-tone from Home hardware seems to work the best.

Why the higher price tag?
Time, is the biggest factor. Labour time is the largest expense in most any project. Anything custom is usually "HAND MADE". Constructed or put together, one at a time, on a work bench, usually having to be "MADE BY HAND". Custom, is not made on an assembly line, with an endless supply of parts readily available to construct a given project. It takes time to draw, layout, cut, fit, heat, bend, shape, weld and grind the materials to make your finished product. Skill, is another factor to consider. The person building or making your project is a skilled craftsman. His years of training, experience and metal working knowledge also add to the bottom line.

What is my warranty?

A standard one (1) year warranty to the original purchaser. Our warranty covers material (steel and wrought iron) fabrication defects, and product structural integrity. We do NOT cover issues of misuse or neglect resulting in damage of paint e.g. scratches or chips caused by tool use (weed whacker, garden shovels, trimmers etc.) Structural damage of any sort from vehicle or equipment contact. Weather or acts of nature.