The Grandview Difference

Have you ever tried reaching out to a company for a quote? You've probably called a few times. Even left a message, only to never receive a return call.  Maybe you sent an email?  Waited days, but no reply! Not at Grandview Gates. Yes, we answer the phone when it rings. If not, we will return your call usually within hours, not days. Emails, oh we answer those too! Again, usually within hours. Its one of our greatest complements we've received from past clients. "I cant believe you answered, or thank you for getting back to us is a timely fashion" At Grandview gates we want our customers to know their enquiries and business is important to us. Establishing communication and trust early on, leads to a positive experience for our clients and a project well done!  

  • We believe in a “no-pressure" estimate consultation. We encourage customers to step back and review all possible avenues to see what one is best for you.
  • We help educate consumers on what is a properly constructed wrought iron product. There are differences! Construction techniques, weld quality and structural integrity.
  • We help guide you in making the right decision based on your needs and budget.
  • Costs you should consider include: linear footage (how much you need) sizing, design, finish and installation challenges.
  • We encourage research. Ask questions and compare. Make sure you are getting a solid, well-built product, combined with service and warranty. Request references.
  • Quality made wrought iron railings will consist of some solid materials and components, be well constructed, and are heavy! Starting at $75-$200 per linear ft, to build and install. Average being $100-$140 for wrought iron.
  • Many imported products. "Made to look like wrought iron" can lack structural integrity, are lite weight (hollow) with substandard finishes. Starting at $40-$75 per linear ft
  • Being informed enables the ability to make the right choice for you, "the consumer".
  • The grand allure and elegance of wrought Iron is sought by many. However......."The disappointment of poor quality remains long after the low price is forgotten" cheaper is most often....not better.
  • We hope these few pointers will help you to make an informed decision in choosing what new gate or railing type is best for you.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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