Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are often installed primarily for security and privacy. They also present an elegant, sophisticated appearance. There are endless combinations of wrought iron styles, designs and different materials that can be used within the gates. This provides an opportunity to make “that Grand Statement”. We at Grandview gates can create many styles and sizes of gates. As very few materials have the ability to provide style and strength. Wrought iron metal has a clear advantage over anything else in this department.

Driveway gate configurations:
Sliding gates: These are single sections or panels that travel back and forth on a track system or on a cantilevered mechanism. Upon activating the gate via a remote, sensor, key pad or even manually, the section will begin to move horizontally until it has cleared the drive way. Sliding driveway gates are great for short spaces where grade or space for a conventional swing is not permitted. An additional advantage sliding gates have over conventional gates is the ability to operate after a heavy snowfall. They can still do so due to the fact that they travel on a line that is as thin as the gate itself. The lack of significant resistance will still allow fairly normal operation. Note: (An over abundance of snow behind the gate slide path. Can eventually freeze and thaw thus preventing the slide gate from opening. Without constant use, clearing snow in high snowfall locations made be absolutely necessary) Although sliding gates usually tend to be rectangular, many styles and designs can still be utilized even if they are rectangular or have an arched or abstract shape. Estimate costs for gates, $10,000-22,000

Bi-parting gates: This gate style and design is the most sought after! Opened manually or completely automated. Many different gate designs and opener options are available. Usually constructed in two swinging sections or leafs that mirror each other. These styles of gates will require significantly large sized footings or one keyed footing (one whole complete pad tying both pillars together across the driveway.) The stone or steel posts that support the gates, only offer two options. Posts made of steel that are visible. Or the more requested, elegant stone pillars which contain the steel post (skeleton) within the stone pillar.  Additional smaller sections of iron fencing installed on the outer edges of the posts add a dramatic elegant or grand appearance to an already impressive look! Bi-parting gates provide for a secure and stunning addition to any property. Estimate costs for gates, $10,000-30,000

Manual or automatic openers, these are your two choices. The first method of opening your gates is self-explanatory. The latter, bottom line can get expensive. With automatic gates, much will need to be considered and installed. First off, you will need a powerline and communication cables run to the gates from the house. This is used to operate your gate openers from inside the house, communication and post lights. Second, you’ll need good quality openers. Possibly a telephone/intercom access system if your home is located far from the gates.  Third, you might require safety loops (prevent the gates from closing and hitting a car) also the exit loop, automatically starts to open the gates when your vehicle passes over.  You will also be required to install an SOS system, (siren operated sensor). In case of emergency, this will allow emergency response vehicles to use of their siren to gain entrance to the property. Security cameras are another consideration. All are costs that need to be considered. Estimate costs for automation can start at $5000-20,000

The “whole Cost” what everyone wants to know, can range from $5000 for a simple single gate with opener. Or an elaborate and sophisticated grand entrance gates with stone pillars, intercom, cameras etc that can sometimes reach $30,000 plus.  Below are just a few design ideas for driveway gates. If you have a design idea for your gates, give us the opportunity to work with you. Together we can design and we'll build you a custom, quality made, solid gates you'll be proud of. Your privacy and protection are important. The elegance and safety of wrought iron driveway gates gives you just that!

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